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This is an example of a blog post.

The built-in text editor allows you to do every kind of formatting you'd expect from an editor. You can even edit the individual HTML of each blog post.

Woah gif

Yeah, we thought so too.

All this means though is that you have access to a fully-featured blog creation and content management system right within Simplero.

Are you already using Wordpress or a different platform for your content? That's okay! A lot of people are. We make it easy to import all of your content with a simple XML import tool, like this:


To see a real life example of a blog powered by Simplero, check out our own blog here.

Enough talking about it though. Try it yourself with a free trial.



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This blog definitely deserves an example comment. Notice how you can reply to this comment to begin a threaded conversation. This makes it easy for users to quickly see all of the different conversations happening around your blog post. 

You can also mention users by typing the "@" symbol, followed by their name (Ex, Kasim Aslam ). This will notify them of your comment regardless of whether or not they have already joined the discussion. It's a great way to loop other users in to the conversation.

And of course, you can insert photos.

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